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The Monkey, the Croc and the T-Rex

November 1st, 2011 · 5 Comments · Allegory or Fairy Tale, American Humor, Anthropomorphic, British Comedy, British Humour, Canada Humor, Charming, Cute, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Funny Absurd, Funny Animal, Funny Banter, Funny Business, Funny Character Study, Funny Crystal Ball, Funny Dialogue Story, Funny Friends, Funny Headline, Funny Horror, Funny Parable, Funny Rant, Funny Technology, Lifestyle, Not As It Seems, Oddball, Offbeat, Parable, Puns, Sardonic, Satire, Science Fiction, Screwball, Slice of Life, Surprise Twists, Whimsy, Witty, Zany

“Dinosaur Spots Comet in Sky.” “That’s the headline I’m going with,” said Dilly the crocodile to Tony the T-Rex, as they faced each other across the entranceway to the latter’s luxurious cave. It was the most modern of eras in an alternative universe containing the 88th iteration of “standard” earth where the animals had evolved […]

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A Dystopian View on Being Ripe

January 22nd, 2011 · 1 Comment · Allegory or Fairy Tale, American Humor, British Comedy, British Humour, Canada Humor, Children and Pets, Coming of Age, Economic Humor, Economics, Family Humor, Fantasy, Funny Banter, Funny Canada, Funny Dialogue Story, Funny Government, Funny Parable, Funny Politics, Funny Psychology, Funny Science Fiction, Geopolitics, Human Nature, Jokes, Lifestyle, Opinion Piece, Parable, Political Humor, Puns, Satire, School Days, Slice of Life, Surprise Twists, U.S. Social Commentary

  “Daddy, why does Canada have so many comedians?” 10-year old Justin asked, one blustery winter evening.  The magic hour approached when the burden of parenthood was about to be ever so briefly lifted and some time might be spent by mom and dad alone in front of the television set.  “I have a theory […]

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